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Creating an OPENSTEP Boot CD

How OPENSTEP 4.2 boots in m68k hardware. A NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP CD cannot be made to boot in both sparc and m68k hardware.  With NEXTSTEP 3.3, there was one installation CD for m68k/i386 and another installation CD for sparc/hppa.  For sparc, the … Continue reading

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Debian on a Seagate DockStar

I bought a Seagate DockStar a couple of months ago.  What attracted me to this device was its size, its low price (compared to other Plug Computers), and support for a standard Linux Debian distribution.  I would have wanted something … Continue reading

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The Shrinking Digital Camera Packaging

Have you noticed how consumer packaging for certain electronics have shrunk over the years?  I’m amazed with how that’s happened with digital cameras.  My oldest digital camera was an Apple QuickTake 100 which was one of the earliest consumer digital … Continue reading

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Kubuntu Lucid Lynx in VirtualBox on Windows 7

I’ve been using VirtualBox as my virtualization platform of choice on Windows 7.  Several years back, I liked Virtual PC 2007, but ever since I wanted to try NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP on a virtual platform, I switched over to VirtualBox (Virtual PC … Continue reading

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