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Adding Wireless (Bluetooth) Support in ADTPro

It’s been months since I planned to look into adding Bluetooth support in David Schmidt’s fabulous ADTPro software.  I’ve been using ADTPro for years to transfer disk images for use in my Apple IIe using the Apple II Super Serial … Continue reading

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Updating my cable setup with the Raspberry Pi

I’ve delayed looking into the Raspberry Pi for quite some time now.  I’ve known how awesome it is, but also know that I didn’t have a lot of time to tinker around with it.  However, recent developments in late 2013 … Continue reading

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Video options for the Apple IIgs

I’ve always abhorred CRT monitors.  They’re bulky, heavy, and they probably emit too much radiation to tire your eyes too quickly.  I’m so thankful that the computer industry, and every other video-related industry has switched over to using LCDs. Retrocomputing … Continue reading

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