Apple IIgs GS/OS Boot Disks

A few weeks ago, I had to access a ProDOS-formatted hard disk within GS/OS.  Since the CFFA where I regularly boot from was temporarily unavailable, I had to boot from the 3.5” drive.  I have several System 6.0.1 boot disks (sometimes distributed with other applications), but what I’ve noticed is that Finder was absent from them.  Once booted, you can insert another 3.5” disk containing Finder and launch it.

The restriction is disk capacity.  If you create a 3.5” bootable disk from the System 6.0.1 Installer, there is not enough space left to add Finder.  I really wanted to launch Finder automatically without swapping disks, so I decided to look into what files I can remove to make space for Finder.  This led to making a compilation of boot disks that I could use, depending on what I was going to use my system for.

MassStorage.po is what I commonly use.  It has only the ProDOS and HFS FSTs.  Also removed are some of the fonts, sound tools, and printer drivers.  In their place I’ve added the SCSI disk and CD drivers as well as the CompactFlash driver, which were useful in accessing mass storage devices.

The other boot disks I made were for connecting to the network.  The AppleShare client drivers take up a lot of space, so I had to create separate disks for ROM1 and ROM3 machines.  Marinetti is also huge, so I also have separate disks for ROM1 and ROM3 machines.







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2 Responses to Apple IIgs GS/OS Boot Disks

  1. vince says:

    cool, thanks.
    but i got a question……

    how do i use those files on my Apple II gs Woz edition ?????

    How can i put them on a 800k 3 1/2 diskette ???

  2. pitz says:

    If you already have your IIgs booting by other means and are able to transfer the images to your IIgs (using ADTPro maybe), then you can write the images to disk by using the DSK2FILE utilities available around the net. DiskMaker 8 is also another utility that can write images to disk.

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